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About Us

Necessity there say is the mother of invention. LIFEINFOPEDIA is a child born out of the need to improve the lives of the people life changing tips from Life coaches in the areas of life improvement, entreprenuership, investment, internet marketing(How to make money online), finance management, insurance, health and fitnessLIFEINFOPEDIA is a frank speaking platform where the truth is told. The author, having experience a lot from poor academic performance to social stigmatization and addiction has decided to share some of the things that helped his life using LIFEINFOPEDIA as the platform. LIFEINFOPEDIA started as a motivational speaking blog, move to success tips and is now a full blown life improvement platform, with contribution from various experts. LIFEINFOPEDIA wants to help you. We are after your well-being mentally, spiritually, physically and socially. It is a passion that cannot let us rest. Let’s work together.

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