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10 Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid.

The 10 Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid.

As an amateur blogger, you are surrounded by a plethora of information which might either help or hurt depending on how you use it. So many young aspiring and amateur bloggers kill their blogs and pack their bags because of listening to the wrong voices.

If you are an upcoming blogger and you really want to succeed, there are some things or practices you must avoid. These are mistakes that have sends many blogs to their early graves.  Don’t let your blog be one of them. You have to go through these articles to avoid these mistakes that most amateur bloggers make.

Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid

Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid

See the mistakes you must avoid as an amateur blogger below.

1.    Never buy traffic:

Do everything you can to avoid the lure and trap of buying traffic. It might look as the easy way out to earn from a CPI program but it will certainly boom around.

2.    Don’t buy backlinks:

Well, some might say it is ok to buy links but I wouldn’t recommend so. Forget what you see. They might tell you it’s a high PR and low OBL backlink, but being an amateur, you might not really know out to determine the validity of those links. So rather work hard in creating awesome content both on your blog and on others-guest post

3.    Don’t copy and spin articles:

Spinning contents with article spinners will make your content a piece of junk. Articles spinner and rewriters are not for bloggers but project writers. Spinning articles will take away your credibility and authority. So make sure you do the right thing.

4.    Don’t engage in spam commenting:

Maybe as an amateur blogger, you’ve heard of the importance of backlinks in taking you to the first page of Google and decide to engage in aggressive commenting on every blog you find on the net. Please be careful before your blog is flagged down.

5.    Avoid keyword stuffing: 

Most of you are already aware by now that Google will penalize you for stuffing keywords in your content. What Google really wants is value for its customers. You might not really stuff keywords, but when you put keywords in unrelated places just to increase your keyword density it will still hurt your blog. Please take note of that and learn how to let your keywords flow naturally with your content.

6.    Don’t focus on traffic; focus on building an audience:

Most people see their visitors as mere traffic to earn more from Google AdSense but you should really be different because you are reading this guide. Work toward converting your visitors into an audience and turn them into regular customers. This is the main difference between a pro blogger and an amateur blogger.

7.    Do not add people to your mail list without their consent:

Maybe you learn a little about email marketing and in you quest to get visitors you get people’s email and start adding them randomly. This is so unethical and unprofessional. So it would do you good if you avoid it. If your emails get marked as spam it will hurt your blog.

8.    Don’t fake links to create more page views:

In your attempt to get more page views, you might spam your internal links to get more page views. This will only increase your bounce rate and once your bounce rate keeps increasing Google will push your content down. They will keep on pushing until it is nowhere to be found on the net.

9.    Don’t litter your pages with annoying ads:

People don’t love ads including me. Littering your pages with ads will only make your article unreadable.

10. Never trick your visitors to click ads:

I once visited a news blog, on the top of the blog before the title of any post was a small square image with a text: Click here to watch latest Hollywood movies. When I clicked on the link, it led me to a page littered with ads from Google. Trust me I hit the back button immediately and I’ve never visited the site again since then.

If you can abide by these rules and keep on working hard writing fresh and new content, you will evolve from an amateur to a pro blogger. It is an assurance.

10 Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid. 10 Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Must Avoid. Reviewed by Oty Emmanuel on June 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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