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How To Control Your Child’s Access To The Internet

How To Control Your Child’s Access To The Internet

How To Control Your Child’s Access To The Internet

How To Control Your Child’s Access To The Internet

Is your child having so much access to the internet and you’re afraid?  Don’t worry you are not alone and that is exactly what this article wants to do to draw you out and help you.

But what are you are afraid of by the way?

You can only be afraid of something if it poses any danger.

So to say does your child’s uncontrolled access to the internet poses any danger?
Or does the internet itself pose any danger?

No doubt the internet has brought to us so much benefit. One of it being an effective medium of communication. For example it wouldn’t have been possible for you to read this if you had no internet access.

But with every benefit comes also the pains. Behind the internet are some obnoxious fellows who are lying in wait to prey on you and your children!

You might be able to handle them yourself but what about your children.

Let’s look at some of the dangers the internet might post not just to you but to your child as well.

Some Dangers Pose By The Internet

·         Exposure To Unlawful and harmful materials: a lot of people have been expose and become addicted to pornography through the internet. Terrorist have also recruitment unwise easily targeted youths through the internet. You child might just be out for danger. A good example is the young Nigerian in America Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was indoctrinated into terrorism through a terrorism website and later attempted suicide bombing aboard a plane.

·         Decline In Health: Seclusion from real life and excessive use of the internet will definitely cause a decline in your health. This has been scientifically research and proven.

·         Decline in relationships: Your relationships might just be out for trouble if you are spending too much time on the net. Most youths have been socially disconnected. They live in an unreal world. A world of friends who are not real. Friends on the internet.

·         Addiction And Change of character: When you spend too much time on the internet it will definitely become a habit and repetitive habits become addiction. This will form a new pattern of behavior in you that might lead to a negative development of character.

This article is not about the dangers of the internet. This has been covered by most websites such as Safekids.

So we will be looking at simple ways to control your child’s access to the internet.

Five Ways To Control Your Child’s Access To The Internet.

Having seen the dangers the internet poses to you and your child, the best thing to do is to get your child on the right side. 

You can do this by controlling your child’s access to the internet.

That’s what I will be outlining out.

How to control your child’s access to the internet.

1.       Understand the internet.  

Most adults have been left behind by the fast growing world of technology. This is too bad.

While their kids are busy viewing p*orn videos at 10, they are ignorantly going around unknown to them.

If you do not understand what is going on in the internet, how will you know what your child is up to?

Don’t be surprise to find out that your kid has been learning some voodoo magic on the internet.
Well if you do not know what is going on the internet, you can learn.

Find a young teenager or a fellow adult who will be willing and patient to explain the internet to you. 

Once you understand what is going on the internet, you will be better equipped to control your child access to the internet and protect your child. 

So that you will not be totally left behind I will brush through what the internet is all about.

What Parents Need To Know About The Internet

The basic thing you have to know about the internet is that the internet is a medium of communication.

Everything happening on the internet boils down to communication

Consider some of the online activities many youths are attracted to and some of their potential dangers.

Emails: Emails are messages that are sent electronically.

Unsolicited emails also known as spam can become a nuisance. 

These kinds of emails might contain links which prompts your child to release personal information that might lead to identity theft.

Websites: collections of electronic pages created and maintain by organizations, educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

There are millions of websites available providing people with endless opportunities to shop, do research and connect with friends.

Many websites feature explicit s*x and these are easy for the unwary to stumble upon.

Evil people like terrorist also have websites for recruiting ignorant and unwary youths.

Most children stumble upon p*rnographic videos while doing their assignments.

Many teens have been taught how to create bombs on terrorist websites. 

Chat Room: electronic spaces for live text conversation usually center around a specific topic or interest.

Your child might be chatting with a number of individual he or she might never have met.

Predator always frequent here to lure a child into and online or even a face to face s*xual encounter.

Instant Messages: live text conversation between two or more people.

With instant message you or a child can choose from his contact list who to chat with.

Most children spent over four hours sending instant messages. This might reduce their level of concentration in other important areas of their lives.

Blogs: Online diaries. A good example is the one you are reading right now.

Blogs are open to the public. Not all blogs are for worthy purposes. Some blog are just they to get your information in the comment box so that your location and data could be taken.

Social Networks: sites that allows you to create a webpage and enhance it with pictures, videos and blogs.

Creating and enhancing a webpage allows a young person to express his or her identity

On their pages, some young people accumulate a number of contacts whom they never met face to face simply to appear popular to others who visit their page.

If your child is young, innocent and naïve, exposing too much info about him or herself might bring some bitter results.

Now that you understand the internet what do you do?

2.       Install Parental Control:  Before your child lays hand on his or her first mobile or computer. Get a parental control system in the computer or phone.

We are no longer talking about computers here since the mobile phones of today are computers themselves.

Well children this days are very smart with little or no knowledge of computers they can bypass this parental control systems.

But while they are still very young and probably have access to the internet make sure to use this tool to control your child’s access to the internet.

3.       Instill Discipline In Your Children:  Decide when your children can use the internet, the length of time they can be online and the type of site they can or cannot visit. Discuss your guidelines with your children and make sure that they understand them.

Teach your child how to use the internet responsibly. Let them know the consequences they are to face if they disregard any of your internet rules.

4.       Monitor your child’s use of the internet: This is not an invasion of privacy. Just let them know you will be doing so.

The united states of federal bureau of investigation maintains that parent maintain access to their children’s social account and randomly check the email and websites they have visited.

5.       Get access to your child’s passwords: Make sure you have access to your child’s password.

Once your child has a password on his laptop or phone that’s the end.

Let your child know that you don’t mean to infringe on his or her privacy.

Do all you can to make sure you protect your child from the danger on the internet by controlling your child’s access to the internet.

I know there are so many ways of controlling your child access to the internet. Which one do you know?

Please share the ones you know with us. Thank you

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