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Seven vital life lessons school will never teach you.

vital life lessons

My son go to school so that you will have a good job.
What a limiting mentality! If schools were only to prepare us for jobs then I will preface to study at home.

There are some vital lessons in life that school can never teach you! Education is not our destiny. It enhances our destiny. Lecturers can only give you information but not knowledge. School can only give you knowledge but not wisdom!

 The real education is not in the classroom. The real education is outside the classroom. There are some vital life lesson that school will not teach you and those who depend solely on the knowledge gotten in school to live life will always regret at the end. This is the reason why many with their master’s degree and PHD are still miserable.

Please don’t quote me wrong I’m not against education, I’m only agains a wrong view and perspective of education

Here are the vital life lessons that school will not teach you.

1.     How to be financially free: freedom is a necessity for man. Just as we need air, man has always been in need of freedom. Financial freedom as eluded many because they look for it in the wrong place- the classroom. The classroom provides you with knowledge. It is left for you to use your knowledge, develop it and solve problems. A lot of college professors are struggling financially, so they are not the right people to show you the road to financial freedom. If you want to be financially free, you read books from businessmen and millionaires not economics textbooks!

2.     Steps to spiritual freedom: man has a deep spiritual need because that is the way God wired him. School will not teach you the real steps to gaining peace of mind in a trouble world. These is an area which most churches and all of religion has fail! True spiritual freedom is not about making confessional statement of 30 seconds at an altar. School will never teach you these. To gain your steps in spiritual freedom, you read your bible and books written by spiritual masters.

3.     True Enlightenment: What is enlightenment? Can your teachers answer that question? Has your inner man been enlightened and illuminated by the subjects taught by your lecturers. Spiritual freedom leads to enlightenment and illumination.

4.     How to discover your potential: potential is ability. What are your abilities? School will never teach you how to how to become a sportsman or an entertainer. The school system sees those who do these things as unserious people. I am not anti- School. But I want to change your mentality if you are still in school.

5.     How to use your talent: Many go through life without knowing what to do with their lives. It took me some thorough evaluations before I could discover myself as a writer and speaker.

6.     How to make money and create wealth. Wealth creation is an art which can only be taught by those who have acquire wealth. If you want to be wealthy study the works and life of those who have been there.

7.       How to think: does school teach how to think? You might say yes. But before you say yes you have to know that thinking is more than what is in your head. The ability to think well gives you the opportunity of solving problems which can immortalize you. Remember Thomas Edison.

What do you think can you learn these things from school? Build you live today. Don’t let the fortunes of your life depend solely on certificates lest you become another academic casualty.

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