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Eleven Things Every Student Must Know Before They Graduate.

Eleven Things Every Student Must Know Before They Graduate....There are some things every student must know before they graduate. The academic environment is entirely different from the real world. While in school, most often than not everything we need is provided by our parents. After school, we come out with inadequate preparation to face the real world. This lack of preparation has led many to give up on life and become frustrated in life with their certificates. If you are one of them, you are not alone. This article is for you. So please read on.

There are some things you have to learn about life while in school. These things are vital not just to survive but to overcome the vicissitudes of life. So what are the eleven things every student must know before they graduate? Here there are.

 Things Every Student Must Know

Things Every Student Must Know Before They Graduate.

1.       Life is hard: if you ever thought life is easy sorry for you. Who told you that by the way? Nobody will ever tell you the truth while in school. Life is hard and that is the stark truth.
2.       Life is hard for everyone: life is not just hard, it is hard for everyone one including you! Anybody who claims he has no challenges in this life is a liar! A very big one for that matter. If you realize that life is hard, you will Brest up yourself and prepare to carry your cross. Face your life and take a 100% responsibility for your life.

3.       Life is hard for some more than others: the fact that you seems to be going through a lot and your brother has no or limited issues might make you to think that life is unfair. Whoever told you that life is fair anyways? Life is hard for some more than others. People’s destiny are not the same. The value and worth of a man is measure by the challenges he passes through. You might just be another great man who is not ready to face his destiny.

4.       The real learning starts after graduation: there is a school called the University of Hard Knocks. The real education is outside the classroom. If you can graduate from this school that is when life will award you with a degree in experience.

5.       A job will not give you financial security: how many medical doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects are miserable with their job? True financial security comes in gaining financial knowledge and intelligence. You can lose all your wealth in one day! It takes financial wisdom and intelligence to keep it or to build your wealth again.

6.       To succeed you must take 100% responsibility for your life: nobody will personally hold your hand and take you to where you want to go they will only point the way. If you want to succeed in the real world after graduation. You have to take a 100% responsibility for your life. Be responsible for your decisions and face the consequences.

7.       A first class in school does not make you’re a first class in life: I’ve seen a friend who graduated with a pass in his national diploma rose up to become a colonel without anybody in the system. I’ve also seen a first class student who went on to further his education, had a master’s degree and seven year later is still unemployed. Life is not about the beauty of your certificate. Act now and take life serious.

8.       Without God you can do nothing: you can work hard and toil all day but remember that we did not bring our selves here. We are here by design. And until you are connected to your source you will remain disconnected from your resource.

9.       Your government cannot provide you with everything: jobs, free healthcare delivery, good roads, incentives, water resources, good financial system, and retirement benefits. Wake up please! Your government cannot provide you with everything. Why don’t you sit on the driver’s seat of your life and drive yourself to Treasure Island.

10.   You must improve yourself to improve your life: your school text books will not provide you with necessary life guide and tool that will improve your personal life and skills. Get books and read that will improve your skills. Remember that reading makes the man.

11.   Life will always give you an exams which you must pass: just like you need to pass exams in school to progress in school so likewise you need to pass the exams that life places before you to progress in life.

My dear friend take your life serious now and know that life rewards those who hang on. Please share this post if you like it.
Eleven Things Every Student Must Know Before They Graduate. Eleven Things Every Student Must Know Before They Graduate. Reviewed by Oty Emmanuel on June 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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