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Seven Rules Of Speaking In The Public.

Seven Rules Of Speaking In The Public.

When it comes to speaking in the public, so many people would frost to death! Speaking in a group has always been a very dreading experience for some people. I wrote a detail material on overcoming stage fright. This post is an extension of that one. You can see the full list of the article here.

When it comes to speaking in the public, there are some rule you have to observe. If you can observe this rules of speaking in the public, I can assure that you will do perfectly well even in your very first public appearance. So what are the seven rules of speaking in the public which you must observe?

Here there are

Rules of speaking in the public.

This rules are divided into three. There are, the pre rules, the in rules and the post rules. The pre rules are the things you do before the public appearance, the in rule are the things you do during the public appearance, the in rule are the things you do when done with your speech.

Pre Rules

1.       Plan. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail, so go a popular saying.  No worthwhile or great achievement can ever be achieve without proper planning. Planning is very proper and needed if you want to deliver and eloquent speech. In the planning stage, you strategize your delivery method. The voice intonation you are going to use, the gesticulation and movements. Your eye contact and other approach.

2.       Prepare. Preparation is a very essential step in speech delivery. I can vividly remember my very first public appearance, I was in secondary school. I was a junior student then. Just fifteen year. I spoke to a group of over 300 students. Get yourself before a large mirror and diver your speech there, let the mirror be your first audience. By constant practice before the mirror, you will gain confidence and poise.

3.       Visualize. Visualization is a powerful tool for any effective delivery, be it a speech or examination. After preparation, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the speaking arena. I already wrote extensively on the power of visualization on how to overcome stage fright in one of my earlier post. Please check it out here.

In Rules

4.       Don’t look them in the eyes. What! Yes don’t look them in the eyes. This does not mean you should avoid eye contacts. The crowd’s gaze is much more than yours. Focus on fixing your eye at one particular person or location. This will help you maintain balance and focus.

5.       Don’t think just flow. One of the big mistakes that newbie speakers make to think so much of what they will say he next moment especially if the speech is impromptu. Just flow, words will automatically flow from your brain to your mouth. What actually makes most people fumble and mumble is that they think so much and as a result their brain leave focusing on producing a quality speech to realize their internal fear.

6.       Forget yourself. Have you ever seen a sport player who gets lost in the game? Such a player plays with everything in him.  If you can forget yourself and get lost, you will be surprise at your performance.

7.       Smile and leave. Smile is the best way to solve many problems. Whether your performance was cute or crude, you can’t escape from the grips of a sincere smile. Even while you are yet talking, smile sincerely, this will help relax your listener and gain their trust.

I hope this post has been helpful and insightful. we will love to assist you with anything you are struggling with in life. If you have any topic you want us to deal with, kindly drop your topic in the comment box below. We will research on it and write a quality post to improve the quality of your life.

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