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The Three Laws Of Winning-How To Become A Winner In Anything.


How can you live your life in such a way that you minimize loses, failures and unnecessary risks? I could as well title this post the three laws of success, but a lot of people out there are doing it, so there are a lot of craps out there on the net in the name of success tips.

A lot of people have become bored with these success gurus, they want to start winning, hence the title of this post.

Winning is a way of life, it is not an occurrence. Winning does not come without a price. Everything in life that must be followed or attained has principles; these principles are otherwise called laws.

If you don’t follow the principles or laws, you will never get it right. Whenever we talk about winning or success, what comes immediately to people’s mind is hard work; hard work no doubt is a prerequisite to success. A lot of people are working hard but not producing, so that is to say there is or there are some things that are definitely missing out.

In this laws that I will be revealing to you today, you might be surprise not to find hard word. The law themselves contain hard work and besides, no matter how hard you work, if you miss any one of this laws, you can never be a winner. These laws are what I call the three D’s of winning. So here are the three laws of success.

Here they are.

·          Determination
·          Dedication
·          Discipline

Determination, dedication and discipline; without these three things, you can never be a true winner. If you have these three things, the little effort you put in produces awesome result.  Let’s look at these ways on how to become a winner in anything in details.

1. Determination: Determination is the attitude of not giving up. It is the refusal to yield or throw in the towel. A determined person can never lose even if he gets defeated.

Once a determined person has set his mind on something, he will get it! Winners have strong determination. When Michael Jordan was ask the key to his success, he said: hard work, dedication, determination and discipline.

Determination breaks every wall of barrier and melts every form of impossibility. The super eagles of Nigeria in 2013 use a relatively underdog team to win the 2013 AFCON title through determination.

Leicester city of England won the 2015/16 EPL with sheer determination. A strong enough determination alone can make you do things you thought were impossible before. Napoleon Bonaparte said: Impossibity can only be found in the dictionary of fools.

In the story of the tower of babel in the Christian scriptures, the people of the world organize by Nimrod determine to build a tower into the heavens so that they can stay together which was against God’s law of multiplying and filling the earth. Hear what God hard to say (paraphrased): “come let’s go down and scatter them for whatever man has set in his imagination to do, nothing can stop him.” Yes, there are three keys to winning and determination is the first key to unlocking the door.

With a very strong and relentless determination, you are can do ANYTHING! Yes you can! Determination is one way on how to become a winner in anything. Now let’s move on and see the next one.

2. Dedication: Determination without dedication is like a newborn baby without a mother. Becoming determine is one thing, but staying dedicated to your vision is another thing. So what is dedication? Dedication is the attitude of consistency. Consistency is the only way to produce results with minimal efforts. If you are a student for example, if you read four hours every day, you will be far better than

Someone who read 12 hours a day once a week. Consistency is the mother of perfection. Have you ever heard the saying: practice makes perfect? That’s very true.

All the three laws work together, there can be no true determination without dedication. There can be no realization of goal without dedication. Without consistency your goals are mere inks on paper. Dedication is sticking to the process.

3. Discipline: Discipline is the only bridge between accomplishment and goal. There can be no true success without discipline. It takes discipline to achieve something worthwhile.

Indeed, an ancient proverb says “better is he that controleth his spirit than he that taketh a whole nation.” Did you get that- to be disciplined is better than being a war veteran.

When Alexander the great was discipline, he could take a whole nation, but when he lost himself to alcohol, he was conquer by malaria, when Sampson was discipline he could tear a lion’s mouth but when he lost himself to women, he was conquer by the philistines. Self-control is a must if you must take charge of your life.

If you cannot control your appetite for food and sex, you are not ready for destiny. So many times I see a young man who walks hard during the week but spend everything in the club on the weekend. A spendthrift should never think of being a millionaire.

If you are impulsive by nature-that is you response to situation according to how you feel or by a strong urge, you seriously have a big problem with discipline. Abraham Lincoln said something: that he has never seen a man in his country who lead a life of ease whose name is worth remembering.

If you want to be a winner, there are something’s you have to cut off and it takes discipline to do that.

Go and ask any champ or athlete who has ever won a medal and they will tell you the power of discipline.

What to do

If you are lacking these three things in your life, it might probably be the reason why you are a loser. So what do you do?

1.     The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. Start reading books. Look for books that can help you develop positive habits. These are some of the books that help me in building these principles in my life.

The power of self-disciple by Brain Tracy

How to move yourself from where you are to where you want to be by Jack Canfield

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

The power of your subconscious mind by Harry Carpenter
There are so many books you can read to change your mind, just go a popular book stand and pick out motivational books.

2.     Buy an exercise book, write out the most important things you do in a day including sleep. Divide your 24hours among these activities. Stick to the process. At times you will get bored by your life being run by a routine. By continuing, you overcome the urge to be spontaneous with determination, dedication and discipline. And by continuing, you would have achieved your first major success in your life.

I hope this article has been helpful.

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The Three Laws Of Winning-How To Become A Winner In Anything. The Three Laws Of Winning-How To Become A Winner In Anything. Reviewed by Oty Emmanuel on June 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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